Dental Holiday in Turkey ?

Dental Care While Travel in Turkey with Side Dental Centre

Side Dental Centre provides both travel guidance and dental care services to tourists who come to Antalya. While on vacation in Antalya with Side Dental Centre, you can also get dental treatment.

Dental Travel

Side Dental Centre is a dental clinic that provides professional oral and dental care / treatment services in Antalya / Side. With its professional staff and more than 8 years of experience, it serves dozens of different customers from home and abroad every year. You can get dental care services as well as to travel to Turkey. In particular, if you already have no experience in traveling to Turkey, in all matters Side Dental Centre can be able to assist you and guide you here. While some of our expert team helps you on accommodation, transportation, and many other issues, some of our team offers you the dental service you need.

Side Dental Centre has been serving in Side for years as a customer-oriented professional dental care clinic. It closely follows the latest developments in the dental sector with modern, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and provides you with maximum efficiency with the most modern methods. Moreover, it never leaves you alone against possible problems you may encounter after service.

Ø  Travel and Dental Health with Side Dental Centre in Antalya

Due to its location, Antalya is an important destination in terms of transportation and accommodation. Antalya, which has hosted many civilizations, has an intense cultural accumulation. It is located in a colorful geography with unique natural beauties, where most of the year is warm and sunny. It is also an important centre in terms of trade, industry, and fair organizations.

When you come to Antalya, a unique sea and nature, a modern city and numerous accommodation centres, excursion, and holiday programs suitable for your taste, shopping centres, festivals, cultural activities, entertainment centres will be waiting for you.

Side Dental Center Advantages

1-      You can save 50-60% more in your dental care treatments compared to Europe without sacrificing quality service.

2-      While we are preparing your teeth for the treatment service you receive, you can continue your holiday in luxury hotels and enjoy nature.

3-      Our helpful staff will always make you feel at home.

4-      Free VIP transfer service.

5-      Warranty periods up to long years for all your treatments.

6-      You can be a part of our family with thousands of European guests who prefer us.

7-      If you have never traveled to Turkey before, we can organize all your dental vacation for you, and help you associated with it. It is our job to make this easy for you, as we do with thousands of patients around the world.

Why Turkey ?

Why Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's leading tourism centers. Annually, an average of 40 million tourists come on holiday to Turkey from various countries to see the beauty of Anatolia. Antalya, which is especially famous for its holiday resorts, hosts thousands of tourists every year. The main reason for this is that the climate is very nice and the holiday service in the region is of very high quality and price performance is very good. Here are 9 reasons for Turkey's voters dental holidays;

1-  Historical places:

Turkey has made thousands of civilizations throughout history. Today, the legendary ancient cities of many places such as Xanthos and Letoon Ancient Cities - Antalya are still visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. Antalya has hosted many different civilizations especially in this regard.

2-  Turkish Cuisine:

Turkish cuisine has a worldwide reputation with its Doner, Sarma, baklava, Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, and dozens of other flavors. In Antalya, which is one of the popular destinations for local and foreign tourists, you can find delicious dishes specific to the Mediterranean cuisine and buy special fruits and vegetables grown in this climate, while your dental travel.

3- Entertainment:

Turkey has also revealed that the difference compared to other countries in terms of entertainment. In this way, it has brought together the understanding of entertainment from the past with today's possibilities. Especially in places such as Antalya and Fethiye, you can see a nice raki-fish pleasure against the Mediterranean in taverns that you can see frequently in the entertainment centers established on the coastal areas.

4- Sea sand and sun:

When you say vacation, the sea, sand, and sun come to mind. Turkey is precisely the center of this work. This is one of the main reasons why places such as Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum are frequently preferred by dental travelers.

5- Job opportunities:

Turkey is a big country and has facilities in all respects at the European level. Therefore, you can easily have a holiday here and take care of many things related to your business. In addition, you can make your real estate investments here while on your holiday.

6- Shopping:

This is one of our favorite events. Turkey, especially Antalya from the beginning of the resort, has very large in terms of shopping centers and facilities. You can easily find anything you can think of anywhere in the world and buy it right away.

7- Accommodation:

Turkey is quite advanced in terms of accommodation and logistics services. Especially with hundreds of quality and luxury hotels and other accommodation options in Antalya region, it meets the needs of tourists coming here from abroad at a very good level.

8- Special Activities:

Wonderful places to have fun await you in Antalya - Side, which is completely close to the shore. Here you can do dozens of different activities such as water sports, yachting, hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, mountaineering, white water rafting and cycling.

9- Health tourism:

Turkey also provides health benefits as it provides advantages in many different meanings. Here you can find any healthcare service you will see in Europe, such as dental treatment, at 50-60% more affordable prices. This allows you to both get affordable health care and have a holiday.

We can advise you on flights, hotels, airport transfers.

All full ceramic treatments are under our 5-year warranty. Dental Implants are approved by the FDA-CDE and come with a lifetime warranty.

We care about your health. We guarantee that you will receive the best treatments without losing your health.

We offer you a quality service with X - Ray Imaging Techniques, 3D smile design software, CAD / CAM technology and New Generation Implant Applications.

Our team will make everything easy for you to ensure you have a great holiday and treatment process.

It is located in Side , one of the wonderful holiday resorts of Antalya-Turkey .